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Our Programs

We serve the underrepresented Migrant community.  Through Domestic Violence, trauma & abuse programs; transitional housing, mental health, Economic Stability and immigration support. 

Housing Development


Domestic Violence Transitional Housing 

Commencing Transitional housing in 2025 for those in need to support in the Baltimore, MD area.  

Transitional housing is available for 6 - 24 months.  We'll help you get on your feet.  Get on the waitlist.


Mental Health Services

Join our next 6 week program to transformation.

Group classes with a one on one onboarding meeting. 

Expect to :

  1. Reestablish your Identity

  2. Reestablish your boundaries

  3. Fill up on things that will serve you

Holding Hands
A presentation at the office


Economic Stability 

Credit Building partners.

Partnered with WISE Financial to obtain Free financial advice.

Training and if you need employment, job matching opportunities are available.  


Immigration Support

Navigating the U.S. immigration system can be complex, and individuals seeking immigration benefits are often advised to consult with a professional to ensure you are following the correct process.  Our process will tailor your specific situation, administratively navigating the process.  


The U.S. immigration system believes in secure boarders, open door system.  We can help you align with doors based on your desires and qualifications.  Most denials are due to the application of the wrong visa category. 

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