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Davida Thyman is the Founder and Executive Director of Femmigrants United.  With a robust career serving the Department of State, domestically and abroad- she takes this expertise to expand her commitment to public service.


We are a faith based, humanitarian organization on a mission to serve the underrepresented migrant community.  Although we have served since 2020, we were officially established in Maryland in 2023.  

We are a nonprofit under 2 CFR § 200.1.

We are not a tax exempt organization and comply with the federal and state regulations.  

Isaiah 61 Commission

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Femmigrants United is dedicated to empowering the underrepresented migrant community through a foundation of faith and truth. We strive to provide comprehensive support to those affected by domestic violence, mental health challenges, financial insecurity, and immigration hurdles. Our mission is to foster resilience, restore dignity, and promote holistic well-being among migrant individuals and families, advocating for their rights and ensuring they have access to the resources and support needed to thrive.

Our focus this year is on maintaining our readiness to establish transitional housing for domestic violence survivors, facilitating their smooth transition into permanent housing alongside stable employment opportunities. We aim to provide comprehensive training programs for both survivors and their children, empowering them to build brighter futures beyond their challenging circumstances.   


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