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Summer 2024 Programs

We've partnered with Prince Georges County Public School allow students to earn their required service hours for middle school and or High School. 

Students can earn service hours with Femmigrants, by developing awareness and concern for outreach at different capability levels.  

We've partnered with Union Groups to connect with moms in Maryland.  Please see the link to learn more. 

Option 1:

Middle School
Service Hour Project

1 Service hour for Research

1 Service hour for Article

1 Service hour for Video  (at least 5 min.)

Middle School PGCPS Students! Earn up to three service hours for a research project that Femmigrants can share on our social media and website.  

Here, we talk about socio-economic issues that impact minority communities.  


High School
Service Hour Project

Option 2:

 Core Program: 5 Weeks

5 Service Hours (SHR)

For the High School Program, students are required to submit an approved group project to identify Socio Economic Issue within an accessible community, identify a solution and create a program to address the issue.  Additional points service hours are earned by students that take part in continuing in the project.  

Submission Process:

1. Submit a proposal for a Socio-Economic Issue and  Solution with Goals, Objectives, and timelines.

2. After approval, students create a Program, budget, and program coordination with a marketing plan.

3. Once the Goal is achieved, the project is complete.

Any Community Outreach is approved by parents and under the oversight of Femmigrants United.  

Image by javier trueba
Chess Game

What are 
Socio- Economic Issues

A socio-economic issue is a problem that affects both the social and economic aspects of society. These issues often arise from the complex interplay between economic factors, such as income and employment, and social factors, such as education, health, and family structure. Socio-economic issues can have widespread impacts on individuals and communities, influencing quality of life, access to resources, and opportunities for advancement.

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Family First

Family First Women’s group! For women who are mothers, excited to explore their faith, grow their passions, and network with other like minded women.  Kids are invited, especially moms that have children under 3, but all age groups are welcome.  Let’s spend Saturday mornings at local parks and pathways to enjoy the weather get our steps in while the kids get a chance to meet more friends.  Hope to see you soon!

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