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FEMMU Missions

FEMMigrants United values empowering international communites as well as providing support to the migrants that found a home in the United States.  If we give back to the home country, we can essentially limit the need for immigration as a whole. 

Migrant women, let's keep it going!

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African Affairs

There have been many that have been displaced by the conflict in the region of Ethiopia.  Sexual violence against the women, medical needs for assaulted civilians, food shortages for the people. 

This civil war has left the people in need of support. 

South America Affairs

Dominican Mission

Orphaned children in this region are in need of support.  We've partnered with an orphanage in the region that provides shelter, food, and education for orphans in the Dominican Republic. 

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Naturalization Classes

Sign up to receive notifications for our in-person and online Naturalization classes starting on April 4th.


Visa Services

As our core service, let us know how we can help with your immigration needs.  We support family reunification, employment, and entrepreneurial visa programs. 

Female Friends
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